Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Godless but Not Alone

A little over a year ago I found myself unemployed and staring at an uncertain future, not knowing how, if, or when I would ever see a steady income again. It was a very dark time.

Now things are much better. I have a new employer, I'm making more money than before, and although the future is always uncertain, it's looking pretty good at this point. A theist friend recently said that his faith in god is what got him through troubled times and kept him a charitable human being when he otherwise would not have been. I find that rather sad.

What kept me going was self-confidence, and when that was lacking, it was the encouragement and love that friends and family gave me throughout the ordeal, and when they weren't around, it was knowing they were still out there still wishing me the best, and then there was the memory of my late father who always told me to keep pushing for my goals in life and that I was capable of doing anything I wanted to do. That's some powerful "mojo" right there!

I guess you might say I gather the strength to get through hard times in life from living life itself. A Unitarian Universalist minister once told me that the meaning of life was whatever meaning we put into it ourselves. This rings very true for me. It is through living life the best I can, engaging friends and family along the way, and creating new memories to cherish that I gain the benefits of wisdom, love and support I need when times get rough.

I am an atheist, happy, godless, and never alone. :-)