Saturday, May 8, 2010

Blogging VS Facebook and Virtual Stray Cows

So, I started this blog because my Face Book friends get tired of my rants, or they're busy typing their own rants, or they're chasing down a virtual cow that strayed from their virtual farm.

I tried the farm thing and actually got hooked for a time. I was doing pretty good, raising crops, harvesting, making money...
No, wait! I wasn't making money! I wasn't raising and harvesting crops! I was wasting my time on a pointless "game" that did absolutely nothing to improve my "real" life, so I abandoned it. Now and again I see messages informing me that my friends are still happily tending my "farm" for me. I wonder if they would be just as happy to actually come over to my house and mow my lawn or weed my garden? Hmmm... thought so.

Anyway, when the urge to write hits me again. I'll be writing here on my new blog. So don't be looking for any stray cows. They're not here!


  1. My stepson used to do that farming game, I think. I heard sheep baaing a lot and wondered about him stump breaking them. Guy at work showed sheep at fairs. Said sheep will back up if in the hay loft looking out an open door. He took a lot of ribbing about sheep and knew ALL the jokes.

    A guy called Frank Opinion show when they was talking about first sex experiences. This guy claimed that during his first experience that her mom caught them in the act. The djs asked what she said. "Oh, not much," he quipped, "She just kept on eating hay."

  2. Thanks minorwork! I needed a good laugh on a Monday morning! :D