Monday, September 6, 2010

Stephen Hawking: Physics Leaves No Room For God

My hero, Stephen Hawking has gotten the debate going again. He apparently states in his latest book that physics leaves no room for God. My first thought however is "Duh! God is based on faith, not the scientific process." Now I have to think for a moment about what is being said. Stephen Hawking has found a possible answer to how and why the universe exists. This answer doesn't require a god. That is all well and good, but it isn't quite yet "the" answer. So, I think interjecting the existence of a god into the issue is irrelevant (there is also some question as to whether he actually said this or if it was the co-author who threw it in). This is indeed fascinating stuff, but it still doesn't answer what happened "before" the big bang. Thus we have a long way to go in addressing the full answer to how and why we are here.

Note: I do have a little problem with the moderator's question to Professor Jon Butterworth (an Atheist), "...How many more years do you people need to find out?" It makes me want to punch him...just a little. ;-)


  1. What big bang? It's a theory. What is beyond the universe? We really don't know yet, because we are limited by the capacity of our human brains. We don't yet know much about the thousands of other galaxies, but our knowledge and beliefs are growing. So God becomes the "inexplicable"!

  2. @Kurt: So, God is a question mark! :-)

    A theory in Science takes on a little more weight than a theory in layman's terms. There has to be evidence to back it up, peer review, etc. This makes the big bang theory simply the best answer we have so far unless something else is discovered that contradicts it.